March 13, 2023

Christopher Willits and B&O Play Sound Bath

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Experiences of being “inside the music,” together, have great social-emotional benefit for society. It’s similar to what happens in meditation or when someone is on psychedelics. Micheal Pollan goes into detail about this in his book “How to Change Your Mind.” The default mode network of the brain relaxes, allowing for new connections in the brain to be made. The analytical mind is provided a rest.
Christopher Willits, Artist
The result was absolute magic as attendees were engulfed in ambient sound textures that were as replenishing as they were reinvigorating. The B&O Play Sound Bath was a prime example of the progressive brand activations that take place at The Outpost. It showcased B&O Play’s quality products, design, relationships with musicians, and product versatility. It was truly a highlight of the weekend. Here’s more from the man himself about the experience, the technology, and his approach to sound.
Christopher is a musician, artist, and educator based in San Francisco who believes that music and deep listening can catalyze inner change. Focusing on three-dimensional ambient electronic music, created with processed guitar and voice, the weaving and folding of sound is designed to be within. Often overlapping with earth-inspired photos and videos he creates, the music has forged a world-wide audience that listens intently. Pioneering solo albums on 12k and Ghostly International, along with collaborations with Ryuichi Sakamoto, Tycho, Zach Hill and many others, has created a prolific and diverse catalog of sound. As an experienced educator, Christopher strives to illuminate people’s vision and creativity in music, art and life, and has lectured at many leading institutions in the world. Christopher also teaches meditation techniques that often accompany his music. Here’s more from him about the weekend and his approach to sound, music, and meditation.

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