March 13, 2023

Outpost On The San Francisco Bay

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In our first gathering since the beginning of the Pandemic, we brought together familiar faces from the Outpost community alongside new friends for a sunset, happy hour sail on the San Francisco Bay.Aboard a 65 foot catamaran and over icy cold beverages and delicious bites, we ventured beyond the Golden Gate Bridge, under the shadow of Sausalito, and around Alcatraz.

This backdrop gave ample opportunity for Outposters to experience the unique creative spark that comes from taking big ideas out into the fresh air.

The eclectic crew onboard was what we’ve come to expect from Outpost events – musicians, artists, designers, athletes, chefs, marketing executives from leading technology companies, and much, much more.Seeing this group come together to catch up on the past couple of years, plus share all of the new projects that have been cooking. From Web3, crypto, and the metaverse to tasty plant-based cheeses and butters to a new platform for bringing together gamers online, it’s clear that folks have been busy. We’re stoked.

Outpost on the Bay was the first prototype for our new direction. Keep an eye out for more news on our event series into the Spring of 2023 and beyond, with plans to bring together our community, exploring innovation around the most pressing issues of our time.

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