We surface
and elevate the voices taking aim
at our time's most pressing challenges.

Outpost brings together individuals, organizations, and companies finding unexpected answers to our time's biggest challenges.

Every quarter, we publish Outpost Mag to surface ideas, innovation, art, and design from our community. And then for each issue, we create intimate in-person experiences that bring those words, photos, and videos into the IRL world. Welcome to Outpost.

Outpost’s Community


Musician who uses natural sounds

Rusti Porter

Marketing Miyoki’s Plant Based Cheeses

No Name

VP Marketing @ emerging solar company

Mark Douglas

CEO of our Biggest Client

Cristina Mittermeier

NatGeo photographer and ocean conservationist

Cliff Kopono

Surfer and Scientist

Chris Consentino

Acclaimed chef and cyclist

Chris Burkard

Acclaimed wilderness photographer and storyteller

Featured Content


The First Outpost at Bodega Bay: A Retrospective

Outpost has roots, and they run deep. As we relaunch with a new focus, renewed perspective, and some exciting announcements to come, we're looking back at some favorite memories from our past.

Dive in to learn about our very first event in 2016.

Since its founding in 2016, Outpost has developed a reputation for being “REI meets Burning Man".

The very best part of Outpost was the chance to finally meet in person people you’d known only through email; to put countless faces to names; to spend an evening drinking and being merry with old and new friends.

It’s those connections, I think we can all agree, that last a whole hell of a lot longer than a handshake.